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We all want to be happy. Some believe that achieving happiness is futile while others strive to achieve happiness through destructive activities such as shopping and gambling. 


Our mission is to provide a place where we can share some strategies to achieve a happier life. We can't all be happy 100% of our daily lives, however, our goal is to share some knowledge on ways to increase your happiness. 


Is happiness a science or a state of mind? Is a joyful life elusive to some? Why is it that some people in the world's poorest countries seem to be happier than the population of richer countries? Does this prove that money is not the root of a happier life? 


We explore all these questions and aim to share all the knowledge we learn with you. 


We want people to be happy and lead a fulfilling life.



Welcome to my site.


For years I spent my days feeling unfilled, stressed by work and life pressures and generally wondering what the meaning of life was. Don't get me wrong, my life wasn't all that bad on paper. I had a decent career, great family and friends, good health, no major financial problems, yet I always found my life was missing something. I remember walking to work everyday thinking, '' Is this what life is about? Working most of your life to contribute to someones else's wealth, eating, sleeping and then doing it on repeat. What was my purpose in life? ''


Then one day I was given a book that changed my life. It changed my way of thinking and opened my eyes, heart, and mind, to more ''enlightenment''. The more I read and watched on YouTube the better I understood myself and things around me. 


We all want to be HAPPY. Everything we do and want is because we believe this will make us HAPPY. Life is a series of happy moments. 


I left behind my stressful job working 10 hours and more a day and decided I was going to take control of my life and my precious time. I wanted to help others live a more fulfilled and happy life. We can't be happy every minute of every day, however, we can strive to be happy for the majority of the time. So my goal is to continue to learn strategies for a happy life and to share this with as many people as I can. 


I hope you enjoy being part of the Happiness Uncovered community!


With Love


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