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Strategies for a happy & fulfilled life


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We all want to be happy. Some believe that achieving happiness is futile while others strive to achieve happiness through destructive activities such as shopping and gambling. 


Our mission is to provide a place where we can share some strategies to achieve a happier life. We can't all be happy 100% of our daily lives, however, our goal is to share some knowledge on ways to increase your happiness. 


Is happiness a science or a state of mind? Is a joyful life elusive to some? Why is it that some people in the world's poorest countries seem to be happier than the population of richer countries? Does this prove that money is not the root of a happier life? 


We explore all these questions and aim to share all the knowledge we learn with you. 


We want people to be happy and lead a fulfilling life.



The Science of Happiness, also known as Positive Psychology is the study of humans ability to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.


Scientists have come to the overwhelming conclusion that you can change your level of happiness - for the better. Our brains are designed to adapt and you can change your thought patterns to overcome negative thoughts. Small changes can be made on a daily basis to move our thought patterns from negative to positive.


However, happiness is not being happy every minute of the day.  It’s primarily how generally satisfied you are with your life and whether your mood is more positive then it is negative.


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Happy pensioner

Many people consider retirement as a closing chapter of their lives. A professional career is over, kids have long left the home and built their own lives.


Retirees reflect on the goals they’ve achieved and the things they’ve accomplished. And many see no reason to be happy anymore.


This outlook, so common in the pensioner age group, often causes different mental health issues, most commonly anxiety and depression. According to the Mental Health Foundation UK, one in five pensioners experiences depression.


Well, it may be the last chapter, but still, there's a whole new chapter to write.



Happy friendship


As human beings, we are not meant to be alone. Relationships with others account for a significant portion of our lives.


Whether it’s a romantic relationship, relationships with family members or friends, they are a great source of happiness and satisfaction. They enrich our lives.

However, we need to constantly nurture our relationships if we want them to be successful and fulfilling.


To maintain happy relationships with significant people in our life, we need to build them on mutual trust, empathy, and support.

How to Maintain Happy, Long-lasting Relationships.

Happy body and mind


A great number of studies have confirmed the benefits of exercise on our mental and physical health.


Regular daily exercise can elevate your energy levels, boost your immune system, and improve your sleep patterns.

The research has proven that different forms of exercise can help release tension, ease the symptoms related to anxiety and depression, and strengthen your stress coping mechanisms.


In addition, a regular workout can significantly boost your self-esteem and sharpen your focus, thinking, and memory.


Finally, people who exercise habitually confirm that this activity considerably lifts their mood, by enhancing their happiness and optimism.


Have doubts?

Check out what science has to say about this.


Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy "

Ann Frank

The purpose of our lives is to be happy "

Dalai Lama

" Most folks are as happy as they make their life to be "

Abraham Lincoln

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